NAME: Burnley
COUNTY: Canada
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Probably either winter, summer, spring or fall
COMMENTS: Burnley is 171km east or Toronto and then North about 30km. There is nothing to see there expect the remains of what use to be a town, close to 160 years ago.
REMAINS: One building that was part of the main street, it has now become an abandoned building with some of the original things inside ie: books and an old radio probably from the 20's and a couple of beds.

I am not sure what or why the town has become abandonned, however when we visited the main street or better put what is left of what use to be a prosperous town we only saw one building. It is the old community centre. We parked and got out to look around and the most interesting thing happenned, when we were in the field across the street you could not hear the wind it was a gentle warm breeze. However when we went close to the abandonned building and peered through the windows the wind began to whistle as through someone were not wanting us to be there. It was a fascinating place to visit, I would recommend to anyone to visit this ghost town, perhaps the ghost will whistle for you as well. Submitted by: Lara

Burnley is a rarity in that it did not become a ghost town until the 1980s although the town had its beginning in 1860. The population grew to some 125 residents and supported a hotel, a general store, a Roman Catholic Church and school, several blacksmiths, a shoemaker, a cheese factory, and a community hall. Burnley also had stage service several times a week to and from the Burnley Hotel. As happened so many times before, it was the railroads that caused Burnley to become a part of the past. Only the general store and the cheese factory lasted into the 1900s. It was not until the 1980s that the general store was torn down leaving only the community hall still standing. The town's main street, once lined with businesses, still exists.Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.