NAME: Cheminis
COUNTY: McGarry Twp. Temiskaming (Timiskaming) District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: May -october
COMMENTS: 1 home some vague foundations.
REMAINS: 1 home some vague foundations.
As the T&NO (Temiskaming&Northern Ontarion Railway) pushed East to Royn it opened the Goldfields of Larder Lake, but soon stopped at the Ontraion Quebec border for two years. Litigations between the two provinces over charter rights caused the dalay. The Ontario Government owned the railway, and Quebec was copmplaining that its minerals would benefit Toronto businessmen instead of Montreal. So until the Transcontinental Railway was constructed from Quebec City to Taschereau. And another branch from Taschereau was constructed to join it to Rouyn. Until this construction time elepsed. the Province of Quebec wasn't going to budge. During this time a post office and numerous businesses (mainly minnig and transportation enterpises). The community came to include a hotel, station, large general store, post office (1926-56), restaurant, horse dealership and more. While everything was disembarked and shipped to the Rouyn Mines small transportation businesses made large profits on freighting. By 1928 both provinces agreed (the Transcontinental was done) and the T&NO built its link to Ontario.While the rails moved one small gold mines opened up and used Cheminis as a servicing point. Some businesses stayed on to supply the mines, and local lumbermen. Numerous logging operations were also active in the area. Small sawmills also operated in the region. The village didn't slip into a backwater until the mid 50's when it lost its Post office and still counted 50 residents. By 1965 they were less than 10. And only one home remained after the 60's Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau