NAME: Craigmont
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, Warm Summer.
COMMENTS: Worth Seeing. UPDATE: Perhaps you should put a note in with Craigmont stressing that it is on privately owned land and trespassing is not encouraged. My family owns a fair chunk of it and the balance is owned by friends and neighbours who feel as we do. Trespassers leave a trail of litter and destruction and as a result are not generally welcome. Sincerely Yours, Ellen Kellaway.
REMAINS: Foundations and ruins.
Craigmont became a ghost town in 1921 following a flash fire in 1913 that destroyed the mill and with it the jobs that kept the town alive. Craigmont was a mining town. Its ore was the hardest mineral known to man except the diamond. Its ore was corundum used as an industrial abrasive the world over. Discovered in 1876, it was not until 1900 that mining operations began by the Canada Corundum Company. The town had a population of 400 consisting of both a company town and a private town. It was all down hill for Craigmont following the 1913 fire and by 1921 all that was left were the remains of the huge smelter and its photogenic foundations. During the summer months, the hillsides of Mt. Robillard are the hunting grounds for rockhounds searching for crystals of corundum. Submitted by: Henry Chenoweth