NAME: Dalton (Station)
COUNTY: Algoma District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Year round, may-october
COMMENTS: 75 km west of chapleau on hwy 129. Turn right on hwy 651 27 km to dalton sign turn right, 2-3 km to tracks.
REMAINS: Station foundation, active CPR bunkhouse, yards, planner foundation, and cluster of homes from orig. town site.
Dalton station was originaly a puplwood siding and station, untill the advent of Dalton Mills in 1921. The spur linked the village to the mill and mill town site. Dalton station serviced the lumber yards, along with planning, drying, and shipping. a Catholic church (blue house) a post office (1925-68), homes, and station. Along witha small store and section village. Together they formed a solid community of 150 residents. The mill burnt in 1949, but lumber was planned here until the late 1970's. The remaining homes are now seasonal cottages. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau