NAME: Dalton Mills
COUNTY: Algoma District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
COMMENTS: 75kmwest of chapleau on hwy 101 to hwy651. Drive 25 north (before the two bridges) and turn left on a small rough trail. All forks lead tp the mill site, the farthest on the right leads to the former bridge on the shamkakwa river and to the townsite accross the river.
REMAINS: Extensive mill foundations, cemetary (overgrown), cellar holes, hotel shell, and Austin's home.
From 1921-1949 Dalton mills grew out to be the largest producer of railway ties in the entire British Commonwealth. The large mill sttood on east side while the town sat on the west side pf the river (or bridge). A spur ra 3 miles back to the CPR at Dalton Staion, where a smaller community grew up around the station and the extensive lumber yards on the CPR mainline. Dalton Mills contained a school, a large general store and Post office, company offices, hotel, small hospital, rec. centre, Catholic church, Anglican church, pool hall, and 80 homes foe employees. here was also a large 100 room bunkhouse near the mill.Its population peaked at a healthy 600 permanent residents. But the mill burnt down in 1949, and the timber berths were bare, and so the community faded to nothing by 1951. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau