NAME: Dartmoor
COUNTY: Victoria
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter
COMMENTS: Take the old Monck Rd east from Hwy 12 past Sebright to Dalrymple Rd.
REMAINS: Barns, log home, school
Dartmoor has vanished from modern mapbooks, but at one time was a thriving hamlet with a schoolhouse (still standing) and a post office. Some of the old barns remain as well as an original log cabin/farmstead. It is located on the Monck Rd at Lake Dalrymple Rd. in the former Township of Dalton, City of Kawartha Lakes. The Township of Dalton is a former municipality located in the northwest corner of the former County of Victoria, now the City of Kawartha Lakes. It was named after Dr. John Dalton (1766-1844), an English scientist who had a lot to do with the beginnings of atomic theory. Dalton has an extensive history in logging and colonization along the Old Monck Colonization Road. Villages in the Township include old logging/farming communities from the 1800s. These include: Sadowa, Sebright, and the ghost towns of Uphill (also on Monck Rd.), Ragged Rapids and of course, Dartmoor. All had been rural post offices. Settlers included the Thompsons, Gardiners, and Montgomery's and were mainly of Scottish/Irish Presbyterian backgrounds. Back then, one of the most picturesque figures of the municipal history of the township was Joseph Thompson who was reeve for a quarter of a century. Thompson was a great hunter and many legends had been handed down concerning his prowess in the wilderness. Submitted by: Clayton Self
Dartmoor Log Home
Courtesy Clayton Self