NAME: Glanmire
COUNTY: Hastings
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer to Fall
COMMENTS: Take the Old Hastings Rd. north from Millbridge for 11 kms up to the bridge at Jelly's Rapids on the Beaver Creek. This was the centre point of the hamlet.
REMAINS: Cemetery, church steps and 3 derilict wood buildings.
Glanmire is the 2nd village one comes to along the Old Hastings Rd. (aka the road of broken dreams) as one heads north from Millbridge. It was first called Jelly's Rapids after Andrew Jelly its first settler on the Hastings Rd. at the bridge over the rapids in 1856. He also ran the hotel and was the first reeve in Tudor Township. The village grew to include a school, a church (St. Margarets built 1887), a post office (run by James Richardson in 1858), a mill, a few homes and a cemetery. Isaac Stymers was a local who earned the right to carry mail deliveries by foot from Glanmire all the way to York River (Bancroft). By the 1870s though Glanmire started to fade. The post office lasted until 1939 and the church until the 1960s when it was removed. All that remains are the church steps at the cemetery and 3 derelict wood buildings to the SE. Many sources suggest that the old road is impassible from Glanmire northward, but as of 2009 this is not true and the road is in fine enough shape for most cars to traverse. Submitted by: Clayton Self
Derilict wood structure in downtown Glanmire
Courtesy Clayton Self