NAME: Jerome Mine
COUNTY: Oswald township, Sudbury District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summers
COMMENTS: From Sudbury drive 150km North on Hwy 144 to the Watershed Restaurant, turn left at E.B.Eddy Road (also called the Sultan Industrial Road) (gravel), and drive nearly 50 km, consult Topo or Ontario Provincial Series Maps to follow the proper logging road.
REMAINS: Foundations of mine, some sagging structures.
It began in 1937 when the Jerome Gold Mines, Ltd. opened a mine on Lake Opeepeesway. While a long trunk road was constructed at Ramsay Station on the Canadian Pacific Railway 35 km away, a small town site was established for single workers at the mine, containing bunkhouses, a store, cookery, formans cabins, and from 1942-45 even a post office. A secindary town site was opened at Ramsay (the Station) where families lived with all accomodations (school, store, P.O., mine offices, sawmil. etc..) While the married men lived at the mine during work sceduals they were alloud to return to their families on week ends at Ramsay. And to small community conatined roughly 150 residents. However the mine closed in 1945, unable to surrmount war costs (Canada was at war from 1939-45) and the site left vacant. Ramsay townsite instead shifted towards the lumber industry and was kept in service until 1988. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau