NAME: Kiosk
COUNTY: Algomquin Park, Nipissing District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: May to october
COMMENTS: 25 km west of mattawa is the hwy 630, turn left, and drive to kiosk 35 km away.
REMAINS: Vague mill foundations, overgrown yards
A mill was built by the Staniforth Lumber Co. in 1936. The small settlement clustered nearby and by 1948 contained 175 residents, a catholic church, a seperate school, company store, post office, company offices, a bunkhouse and 15 dwellings. By 1960 it was a bustling village of 8o homes and nesrly 600 residents. The mill burnt down in 1973 and the government ordered all residents to vacate by 1996. by 1990 There wasn't one soul and Kiosk was no more than an Algonquin Park info centre. Submitted by: Yvan P,Charbonneau