NAME: Kormak
COUNTY: Eisenhower Twp., District of Sudbury
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: May to October
COMMENTS: From Sudbury, 150km North to E.B.Eddy Rd (Sultan Industrial Rd.) turn left to Sultan 79 km away, from Sultan continue on Hwy 667 West about 25 Km to Kormak Road. Drive to Railway (~8km).
REMAINS: Where the three homes stand they are the original remains of Kormak, Foundations of the sawmill and sawdust litter the area. More homes were situated near the station at the tracks.
A sawmill firm was established in 1943 by Charles KORpela, and Oscar MAKi in 1943. The Kormak Lumber co. established a larger facility at Kormak in 1949. Here stood a small finish lumbering community, which contained a company store, offices, two dozen dwellings bunkhouses, cookeries, a station, school, and co offices (containing Kormak P.O. 1949-1974). The small communit rose up at times to 250. The mill was gradually modernized and needed less men, soon however operations simply closed down (late 1970's) Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau