NAME: Milberta
COUNTY: Kerns TWP, Temiskaming District
CLIMATE: Warm in summers, cold and snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: April-November
COMMENTS: Lots 4&5 concession 2, situated on top a hill where a sign announces mlberta
REMAINS: Active church, baseba diamond, municipal garage, and 3 homes
The settlement was begun in 1897, where settlers entered ever farther in the little clay belt. Newton Hogg, who owned a sawmill, gave the place its name, after the sawmill he owned and his wife "mill" & "Alberta". As the settlement grew a post office was opened in 1901, followed by aschool (ss#1Kerns). Other enterprises were Ramsay's store, a blacksmith shop, butcher shop, S.Eplett's Store, T.Newton hotel. A Baptist church was also erected, and a Presbyterian Church (1903) which later became a United Church and is still open. A small telephone company named the Kerns Community Telephone Co. (1916) And soon merged with the Highland Telephone Co. (1911). The settlement quietly disbanded throughout the 30's and lost its post office in 1942, later the school and stores. While the community centre of activity is now gone, Milberta is still a prosperous farming area, and from the hill fields may be seen for miles around. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau