NAME: Mond
COUNTY: Denison Twp, District of Sudbury
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summers
COMMENTS: Follow Worthington Road to send crossing, turn right on Crean Hill Rd, and take the left fork, until you hit a right of way. the old track is half km south from the village.
REMAINS: Foundations, and cellar holes

Operations on the mine began in 1899, and was in full swing by 1901.The Victoria Mines, owned by the Mond Nickel Co.,sent its ores 3 miles south to its smelter sight at Victoria Mines, after roasting a few months at the roast yard. The village of Mond then grew to a bustling village of 500, supporting 3 grocery or general store, a post office (1906-1924), a school, hotels, as well as numerous dwellings. A station was situated on the AER (Algoma Eastern Railway0, where a shop, and a section village, and other homes were found. The bustling village, grew until the closing of the mine in 1923, at the time Ontario's deepest (at over a mile in depth). Many then moved to Worthington or Sudbury. The last resident left in 1936.*The mine also had its own Railway 22 miles of tracks and extensive facilities. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau

In 1900 Dr. Ludwig perfected a process for refining a new industrial mineral, nickel. He had the means but not the ore. He found the ore body he needed west of Sudbury and founded the Mond Nickel Company and started the Victoria mine. Two townsites were created: the town of Victoria Mines located at the site of the refinery and the town Mond at the mine itself. Mond continued operations until 1913 when the refinery was moved closer to a larger ore deposit. Mond would last only 10 more years. But while it lasted, Mond was a busy and cosmopolitan community. Finns, Ukrainians, French and Italians all lived and worked together in the townsite. There were two general stores, a school, boarding houses, Finnish and Ukrainian social clubs. The two-story school provided separate classes for boys and girls. After the mine closed in 1923, most of the cabins were burned, the last being removed in 1936.