NAME: Nemegos
COUNTY: Sudburry District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
COMMENTS: Nemegos Rd, is on Hwy 667, 500 meters away ( est) from Hwy 129 Jct. continue about 8km to tracks and fork, take laft fork to a bumpy car ride to Nemegos. Pass the track to see all the village.
REMAINS: Many homes remain occupied in the summer, and some in the winter as well.
Nemegos was not a reserve as most think it was, but a small finish settlement nestled on the C.P.R. Some settlers took to raising small heards while lumbering in the forest for their levlihood, and loading it on the siding near the station. The settlement grew to contain a doz homes, a post office (Opened in 1912), and a station. A mill was opened in the 1920's and the settlement grew to a bustling 280 people in the 1920's. Containing 2 stores, a school, 20 odd homes near the track. While the mill was situated farther back on a lake. Kormak Lumber also opened salvaging operations from 1948-1957, and anothe mill buzzed on the shore of the lake. By 1970 the post office closed and most homes were used as cottages. Though the number of homes used as cottages is substantial, much of the charm of this pioneering village can still be enjoyed. Submitted by: YvanP.Charbonneau