NAME: Nestorville
COUNTY: Lefroy Township, Algoma
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer and winter
COMMENTS: Roughly 5.5 km East of Thessalon, on Hwy. 17 (Trancanada Hwy.), to Nestorville Rd is (on your right). Drive on it but do not cross the tracks, swing to your left and continue (it will return you to the Hwy.) to the small bridge before the hwy. Past the bridge an old store, and a few homes (on both side of Hwy, some with occupants). Hwy realignedment removed most of the business district.
REMAINS: A former store, dwellings, some foundation, and mains street bridge.
Nestorville was s sleepy scattering of farms until the McFadden Lumber Company opened a sizeable sawmill in Nestorville in the early 1910's. The place boomed to contain a bustling business district servicing the lumber and farming communities. It was formaly incorporated as a village. The community consisted of several stores (general, dry-good, farm implements, etc..), municipal offices, church, school, station, Post office (Nesterville, 1907) and numerous homes stradling a few streets. The placed boomed briefly to apopulation of 400, but it was soon not to last. The 1930's hit and the sawmill closed (or burnt down) and operations never revived. Though some moved away it remained as a hamlet of 125 by 1950's. More moved away and the P.O.closed (1960) and the rural backwater lost all but handfull of people. As the Hwy was realigned in the 1970's some of the more substatial buildings were removed, since its narrow streets gave way to a hwy. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau