CLIMATE: Snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring summer or fall
REMAINS: The road to it is more a trail up the side of the mountain, impassable for passenger vehicles and a steep hike on foot. But once there log barns and cabins, and derelict vehicles can be seen.
The Ottawa Valley has fewer ghost towns than the Highlands and Queens Bush. Part of the reason is some have found ways and means to survive, at least partially. But there are relics of mines, mills, and lost colonies. The Black Donald Mountains at the southern edge of the Ottawa Valley offer a spectacular and panoramic view. It was there in 1856 a group of twelve settlers left the Opeongo Road and struggled up the mountainside where they located their lots and began to clear the land. They called their community Newfoundout in some of the most terrible land ever opened for farming. The community failed to attract any schools and churches. The children had to walk each day down the mountain trail to the nearest school. By 1948 everyone had left and Newfoundout became a totally ghosted settlement.