NAME: Sheahan
COUNTY: Sudbury District
CLIMATE: Smow in winter, summers warm
COMMENTS: Some summer cottagers are to be found in the area. To get there: A)Via the Canadian Pacific Railway (The Budd Car) to Sheahan. 2)By canoe, paddle down the Spanish River (from Duke Lake off Hwy.144) paddle down roughly 45km south to the site. You will notice the rotting peers of the former logging bridge to Pogamasing Lake.
REMAINS: One original building, near where the sawmill stood, a former siding used to slide by and is now overtaken by grass. The site is a large clearing behind the red pine plantation which stands besides the tracks, a flag shelter is still in use.
William Bell Plaunt started a sawmill at a rail locality named Wye (~100km north of Sudbury) on the C.P.R. and renamed the location Sheahan after a doctor from Chapleau, Ontario. The site contained the mill and mill buildings, a few cabins for families, bunkhouses, a post office (Wye P.O. 1929-1942), station, and a small company store. The mill which began operation a few months before the depression clung on for its survival after the crash of October 1929. It managed to continue sawing until the pine was gone. That became apparent by 1940, and production decreased slightly. The mill closed two years later, all moved away. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau