NAME: Silver Islet
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, Warm Summer.
COMMENTS: Killed in 1883
REMAINS: Many original buildings.
Silver Islet is another of Ontario�s best kept ghost towns. It is also one of the oldest. A one time silver mining town on the shores of Lake Superior, a huge deposit of silver was discovered around 1845. There was no easy access to the silver ore deposit for it was located on a small shoal under a limestone mesa called Thunder Cape. Initial efforts to mine the ore all proved futile. It was as though the volatile weather of Lake Superior was to deny entrance to the ore deposit for all time to come. Several decades later the battle was joined when a new owner acquired the property. Several breakwaters were built to contain the fury of the lake�s waters. They, too, were demolished by storms, ice surges, and even a freak tidal wave. Finally, a breakwater of rock and concrete was built that allowed miners to extract silver ore worth $3 million. In 1883, mining operations ceased for lack of fuel for the furnaces and water filled the shafts. Submitted by: Henry Chenoweth

The magnificently restored Silver Islet General store serves visitors to the Sleeping Giant, as well as the summer residencies, and the locals who are mainly retired.
Courtesy Ryan Hill

But some parts of Silver Islet will remain Ghosted
Courtesy Ryan Hill

The boats you shall see moored at the Harbour belong to the locals
Courtesy Ryan Hill

The late - morning sun beams down over the beautiful bay at Silver Islet
Courtesy Ryan Hill

A view of the Sleeping Giant's backside
Courtesy Ryan Hill