NAME: Thanet
COUNTY: Hastings County
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring to Fall
COMMENTS: Thanet is the 4th ghost town heading north up the Hastings Rd. from Millbridge. It is 2.5 kms north of Murphy's Corner and south of Ormsby.
REMAINS: Cemetery
Thanet was considered the main stopping place as one headed north past Murphy's Corner toward Ormsby. This community had 3 hotels, the most famous being "Thwaites Place". The village was also known as McKillican as its first postmaster was none-other than Benjamin McKillican Sr. The cemetery still exists on the east side of the road just past a swampy area. To the north of this is where I suspect the centre of Thanet was located as there are 2 farms with open and cleared land. Otherwise, like all the other ghost towns along the Hastings Rd. the area is heavily treed mixed with Precambrian Shield granite. Submitted by: Clayton Self
Elizabeth Nugant's grave at Thanet's cemetery
Courtesy Clayton Self