NAME: Tolsmaville (Port Cockburn)
CLIMATE: Cockburn Island is usually quite warm, though very windy.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Very warm during the summer months.
COMMENTS: There are no residents at Tolsmaville, nor on Cockburn Island. The final family left in the early 50's to return to the main land, after years of isolation in a vast, lonely lake.
REMAINS: Being located on a remote Island, I'd guess that the buildings are is pretty good shape.
Tolsmaville, though more commonly known as Port Cockburn was a fairly successful fishing harbour that was errected in the early 1900's. Many families moved to the Island to try their hand at the fishing industry. At first, the hauls brough back to the Town after a hard-days work were quite plentiful. But after decades of over-fishing near Cockburn Island, the luck of the Town's folk began to pan-out. Many people refused to give in as their freinds and family headed for shore, to begin anew. But sooner-or-later, these determined few left their homes for good, and to stand alone at lonely Tolsmaville. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill.