NAME: Uno Park
COUNTY: Dymond Twp, Temiskaming District
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: April-november, year round
COMMENTS: Follow Hwy !! north from New Liskeard to the Dymond-Hartley twp. line, turn left and continue to tracks (6km).
REMAINS: School, a hall (or church), 2 original homes, a few vague foundations near the siding
Established as a farming settlement in 1895, near the Wabi River, most early settlers took the steamers from Lake Temiskaming. After the T&NO passed in 1905 the the railway subdivided the land and established a town site, along a siding, station, and section village. While the community added a Methodist Church, another church, a general store, Post office (1901-61),public school (SS#2 Dymond Twp.), cheese factory, and numerous homes. Farms were also predominant in the area.While the great fire of 1922 ravaged the area seriousle, the village grew out of it and dwindled away by the 1940's. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau