NAME: Wanstead
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, Warm Summer.
COMMENTS: An interesting site.
REMAINS: Unknown
Wanstead was another of a series of towns fathered by the railroad. It, too, was a twin to all the other towns along the line of the Great Western Railroad. It was born in 1858 and followed the path of all the railroad towns before it. The town boasted a hotel, post office, a few other businesses and, of course, a sawmill. Things went well for twenty-nine years when, in 1887, a fire all but destroyed the entire town. But Wanstead refused to die. It took nearly a year for the citizens of Wanstead to rebuild the town and rebuild it they did. The town received notoriety it did not want when on December 26, 1902, a passenger train, the �Chicago Flyer,� slammed into the rear of a freight train in the middle of the night during a violent blizzard. Thirty-eight people died. The whole town turned out to aid the victims until help arrived. Submitted by: Henry Chenoweth

Parked outside of Wanstead's active Farmer's Coop
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Besides the Coop, old residencies are still used at Wanstead
Courtesy Ryan Hill

The Canadian flag flies high amongst towering Grain silos in this semi-ghost town
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Another train passing Wanstead by
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Looking down quiet Wanstead Road
Courtesy Ryan Hill