NAME: Wesleyville
COUNTY: Durham
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter
COMMENTS: There are a few residents left in this ghost town. It is located in Northumberland County in the Town of Port Hope and situated on Lake Ontario. Port Hope is to the east of it.
REMAINS: Church,school, 2 homes, barns, cemetery.

Wesleyville is a ghost hamlet snuggled between the old port hamlets of Port Britain (whos port was meant to rival Port Hopes) and Port Granby. It is located in the Town of Port Hope, Ontario near Lake Ontario. Both Port Britain and Port Granby are marked with signs, while Wesleyville for is not.

This former community is noted for its abandoned church (built 1860), its cemetery, its abandoned school house (built 1899) and its Ontario Hydro power plant (which was never put into service). Only one of the century homes remains and is occupied. Another newer home is located across the street a bit east. Another century home is boarded up. Remnants and laneways of other homes in the village can be seen from Lakeshore Rd. (the present village's only street). In the 1800's there were 2 streets and the church and school were located at the 4 corners. In 1878 there was a Wesleyville post office, but not in Port Britain. I guess the one village used the others postal services. The Grand Trunk Railway came through just north of the 4 corners.

Wesleyville Church built in 1860
Courtesy Clayton Self