adds MPEG Videos to website has added even more excitement to this website by adding MPEG Videos of ghost towns for anyone's viewing pleasure. These videos are placed in two locations on the website. You can find them on the ghost town pages themselves, or you can find the entire collection of ghost town MPEG videos in the "Virtual Museum". Once on the virtual museum page you can select either the MPEG videos or the still photography sections. is asking all fellow "ghosttowners" that have taken home video of any ghost town to please send in a copy and will add it to the MPEG video colleciton. Videos can be sent to:
MPEG Video Submission
7131 E. Mercer Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

     Videos will only be returned if sender encloses a SASE. This is a great way for us to preserve our heritage in a very unique way - Video! Many ghost towns have already vanished due to vandalism, erosion and other reasons and it is too late for them, but we can make a difference in those that are left. Twenty years from now many of the current ghost towns might be gone in person, but preserved forever in video on the internet for the whole world to see! Join with in making this dream a reality!