NAME: Centerdale
COUNTY: Morgan
CLIMATE: Hot and humid, cold wet winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring is nice...
COMMENTS: I live on what was once the only road through this area of the state. Now it is my driveway. The whole area is supposedly haunted, but the main house on our farm seems to be the center of attention. There are also several places in the woods that are just plain creepy.
REMAINS: a few old house sites, the old general store, a barn, and the flowers planted in front of the Cenerdale School still bloom each year.
I do not know when the town was abandoned. The farm I love on now is about 90 acres and is surrounded by several other large farms. There is a 'town' about 3 miles from here, but nothing where Centerdale used to be.I do have photos, but all you will see are odly-shaped trees. Submitted by: Esther