NAME: Tuttle
COUNTY: Kit Carson
CLIMATE: Windy, like the rest of Eastern Colorado
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime besides winter, due to horrific blizzards
COMMENTS: No current residents, just foundations and the collapsed Post Office
REMAINS: Last time I was there, foundations and a collapsed Post Office.
Founded in the late 1800's Tuttle was a US Post Office for the local Pony Express. At it's peak, it had about 70-80 residents, mostly of German descent. As the Pony Express fell out of use, the last few residents either moved, or grew old of age and passed away. In a 1900 census of Kit Carson County, Tuttle had a population of about 15, including a blacksmith, postmaster, a photographer, and a novelist. Sadly, the last resident passed away the same year WWI erupted, in 1914. All that remains of this small town are some foundations of the old buildings, the ruins of the local Lutheran Church, and the all but collapsed remains of the Post Office. Tuttle is located a little ways north-east of Stratton, off of Hwy. 57, about half way north to Kirk, and about four miles east off of Hwy. 57. Avoid travel to Tuttle in winter, due to Eastern Colorado's infamous and ever perilous blizzards that somehow appear out of nowhere. Happy Ghost Town Hunting! Submitted by: Josh Schlichenmayer