NAME: Allenhurst
COUNTY: Brevard
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Nasa property
COMMENTS: No residents. Property of NASA. There were approximately 17 communities displaced including: Wilson, Orsino (on this site), Mortonhurst, Clifton, Shiloh
REMAINS: There is a small gravesite area on the NASA property from a former community
Allenhurst was one of the leading sports fishing communities located just north of Haulover Canal. The residents were bought out and moved while NASA demolished the remnants of the town. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

Allenhurst.jpg - Allenhurst
photo courtesy of Florida Pictorial Achieves

AllenhurstPO.jpg - 1901 Picture of Mr. J Allen (center of picture) in front of the Allenhurst Post Office
photo courtesy of North Brevard Historical Society

Old original Allenhurst road
Courtesy Jim Pike

Road from Allenhurst site to Route 3 Kennedy Parkway
Courtesy Jim Pike

Allenhurst in 2007
Courtesy Jim Pike