NAME: Anona
COUNTY: Pinellas
COMMENTS: Basically the corner of Indian Rocks Road and Siesta Road in Largo. Check out the Pinellas County Heritage Park.
REMAINS: Lowe House & Barn at the Heritage Park, Anona Cemetery at the Anona United Methodist Church, 1900 Anona School
In 1883 Capt John Thomas Lowe established a landing at the northwest end of Siesta Road calling it Lowe's Landing. This was the landing for the community called Anona. It received it's name from the Anona sweet apples brought to the area from Key West. Jefferson Lowe was the first postmaster of the post office established in December of the same year. At this point there also was a railroad trestle where "The Dinky" spur railroad crossed over to the island. The bridge was removed in 1928. This area originally was part of Hillsborough County later becoming Pinellas County. Most of the area of the original Anona is now the property of Randolph Farms. At the corner of Indian Rocks and Siesta once was the site of the Griswald General Store prior to this the store was at the landing and used for the post office. In 1872 settlers and circuit riding preacher Rev. John Wells established the first church service with the first rough board church/schoolhouse being built in 1873 on land donated by Captain John Thomas Lowe. In 1882, the second church building was built and still exists today as a part of the youth building at the present Methodist church. About 1900 the school was moved to the site and the present structure was built in 1918. The community of Anona eventually disappeared and became a part of the larger area of Largo. Now the town of Anona is only remembered as the church and cemetery, where many of the original pioneers are buried. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

This house was built in 1888 by Wesley Lowe and his father Capt. John Thomas Lowe. It is now at the Heritage Park. picture courtesy of Pinellas Heritage Park

This barn was built by John Thomas Lowe and his son Wesley near the Lowe's Landing. The accompanying Lowe house has been torn down. This barn is on display at the Heritage Park. picture courtesy of Pinellas Heritage Park

The first settlers of Lowe's Landing built this church. It is now restored as a chapel
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

The first recorded burial is J.H Whitehurst. It is now a part of Serenity Gardens.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

This structure was erected in 1918. It is part of the Anona Elementery School.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Camillus B. Brandon lived in this circa 1910 home and was the postmaster from 1923 -1941. He also owned the general store at the east end of the wooden bridge.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

This was the site of the 15 ft wide wooden bridge to the island. Opened in 1916 the toll was 25 cents.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

West end of bridge. Remnants of the bridge are still visible.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

1910 Klotz home
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

1910 Frank Brandon Home
Courtesy Mike Woodfin