NAME: Balm
COUNTY: Hillsborough
CLIMATE: Anytime
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime: It's Florida
COMMENTS: Rural community of Citrus Farmers Population 2000 in the surrounding countryside. Directions: Hwy 301 South to 672, turn east and go to Balm Road, turn right. This will take you to what there is of a town and post office. While you are nearby check out Picnic and Ft. Lonesome.
REMAINS: Original 1905 Postmaster's house, Post Office & Railroad Station(now a store),
June 7, 1902 the town's name was changed to Balm. For the 24 days previous the town had been know as Doris. Established on May 14, 1902. Mike Woodfin . Originated by the Hicks family in 1905 Balm was a farming community of the Hicks, Sweat, and Fox family. The first Post Office was the train station where the mail was hung outside and the train grabbed it while they went through town. The tracks are gone and the town is nothing more than a store and Post Office. Mr. and Mrs Sweat (85 years) still live there. His father was the second postmaster and his wife was the third. Submitted by: Mike and Aaron Woodfin

Part of RR Station that was removed to create a potato packing plant when the RR was removed.
Courtesy Mike and Aaron Woodfin

Sweat Home - 1907 Postmaster
Courtesy Mike and Aaron Woodfin

Balm Post Office and RR Depot
Courtesy Mike and Aaron Woodfin