NAME: Barrsville
COUNTY: Columbia
CLIMATE: Best in Spring
COMMENTS: No residents. South of Lake City on the Old Military and Telegraph Road. 14 miles for Lake City and eight miles from the Sante Fe River. There is some question as to the exact location of Barrsville. More info here.
REMAINS: None : UPDATE: pdate on Ghost Town of Columbia County, Florida...Barrsville, Florida 1970 to 1917.

Barrsville, Columbia County, Florida may have been found by Stephen Henson of Columbia County, Florida. According to his research and talks with old families in the area Barrsville was located about 3.2 miles northeast of Mikesville, Columbia County, Florida and about 2 miles west of O’Lustee Creek…(on the northwest side of the big westwardly bend in O’Lustee Creek. Al Barrs

Barrsville originated as an orange cultivation area and was originally called Ellisville for Giles Underwood Ellis. He founded the town in 1845. The Post Office existed off and on from June 8, 1871 to 1882. There is an existing community called Ellisville in Columbia county now but it is not the above mentioned town. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

The founder of Barrsville, FL was my GG Grandfather James C. Barrs. He founded Barrsville, FL in 1871 and came there from the Nankin District of Brooks County, Georgia by way of a cotton barge.

In 1872 there was a shooting at "Jim Barrs" General Store. He and his cousin, John Barrs, from Barnesville, South Carolina were wounded. John Barrs died two days later from a gunshot under his arm into his abdomen, but Jim Barrs recovered. But, by the time of the murder trial in Lake City in 1887 Jim Barrs had died. We know that he was alive at the time of the 1880 Suwannee County, FL census, but had died by 1887 when the trial was held. We do not know if he died as a result of complications of his gunshot wounds.

Al Barrs, Jr.