NAME: Bealsville
COUNTY: Hillsborough County
CLIMATE: Hot in summer
COMMENTS: East on Highway 60 from Brandon towards Plant City there will be a small brown sign that says 'Florida Heritage-Glover School' at Horton Road, turn left and follow Horton down until you see the school and more signs on the right hand side.
REMAINS: Schoolhouse and Beal-Holloman House
Test from the historical marker reads: "In 1866, freed slaves from East Hillsborough County founded the community of Bealsville named for Alfed Beal, a member of one of the original familes. Since the beginning of the community, education was important ot its residents. Instruction firtst began in 1873. In the 1930s residents made great sacrifices to ensure education for their community--raising over $1100 and donating over 10 acres of land for the school. The Hillsborough County School Board assisted in the construction of a three-room wood building and in later years additional classrooms were added. The new school, named for Willam Glover, existed as a Strawberry school until 1956. In 1971, due to desegregation the Glover School was converted to a sixth grade center and white stdents were bussed in from surrounding areas. The Glover School closed in 1980 and in 1981 the Hillsborough County School Board deeded the property to the newly formed non-profit organization, Bealsville, Inc. Today, this landmark building still stands and continues to serve residents as a community center--providing vital services to the Bealsville Community." Submitted by: Elizabeth Durham

Glover School - Florida Heritage Sign
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

Community Sign
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

West Side of Glover School
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

School Sign
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

Small Building South of Main School Building
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

Beal-Holloman House
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham