NAME: Chevelier
COUNTY: Monroe
CLIMATE: hot and buggy most of the year
BEST TIME TO VISIT: by water anytime, by land best in winter
COMMENTS: On Chevelier Bay near Chatham Bend in Monroe County, originally advertised as being 12 miles from the Tamiami Trail. An old trail may exist to drive or hike to the site, however none are known to me. Best way to get there is by boat.
REMAINS: unknown, probably not much
Chevelier was a proposed town in the Florida Everglades, started in 1916 by Miami businessman James F Jaudon. The Chevelier Corporation was formed to promote land sales, advertising the area to be perfect for sugarcane and agricultural development. To help ensure development of this new city Jaudon became heavily involved in the construction of the Tamiami Trail, providing a dependable road thru the vast Everglades swampland. The Trail was completed in 1928, but didn�t do much for the sales and growth of Chevelier. After very limited development the Chevelier Corporation declared Bankruptcy and dissolved in 1937. The landsite was sold for back taxes to the Federal Government and in 1947 became part of Everglades National Park. Submitted by: Jim Pike

1917 map advertisement, Chevelier was on the coast by the M in Gulf of Mexico

Chevelier Place, 1920.  Photo courtesy of the Everglades Digital Archives

Chevelier Place, 1924.  Photo courtesy of the Everglades Digital Archives

Chevelier land tract, 1924, with JF Jaudon in the middle.  Photo courtesy of the Everglades Digital Archives

Chevelier Place 1920's advertisement stating it's 12 miles from the Tamiami Trail.  Courtesy of the Everglades Digital Library