NAME: Eldora
COUNTY: Volusia
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer
COMMENTS: In northern reaches of Kennedy Space Center property. Old map says "Apollo State Park". Southeast of New Symrna Beach.
REMAINS: Roads and possible buildings

Seen in Microsoft's Terraserver and on USGS maps in early 70's. No apparent roads. Old grade appears to go to old A1A that ran along coast Submitted by: Gerald McMillen

Eldora was a small waterfront community, existing from 1877 to around 1900.  It's population was over 100, and it had a post office and a small school.  The main industries were agriculture, including citrus, and fishing.  The town depended on the waterway for it's supplies and for transportation of it's crops to northern markets.  The big winter freezes of 1894-95 killed Eldora's citrus groves, and by 1900 the north-south railroad had bypassed the town, replacing the waterways for transporting goods.  Eldora soon faded away.  Today the renovated State House and a few water-catch basins are all that remains.     Submitted by Jim Pike

Renovated 1913 Eldora State House, on Eldora Road off of A1A
Courtesy Jim Pike

Eldora State House, off of A1A on Canaveral National Seashore property
Courtesy Jim Pike

Catch-basin for water, Eldora
Courtesy Jim Pike

The Eldora House, or "Home Place", demolished in 1992
Courtesy Jim Pike

Dock Pilings directly in front of "Home Place"
Courtesy Erk Ransom and Dara Vance