NAME: Fort Lonesome
COUNTY: Hillsborough
CLIMATE: Hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime their Lonesome!
COMMENTS: Scattered rural residents and one convienence store. Corner of CR674 and SR 39. Nothing to see or do but, fun to say you've been there.
REMAINS: Nothing
I know some will want to argue with me but, there never was a fort at Fort Lonesome. Originally a man named Snyder had a store there that was called "Boogerman's Corner". This was the place on a Saturday night your Momma told you to stay away from. The Fort Lonesome story of how it got it's name was due to a Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak in 1929. An inspection station was located there and inspected all fruit coming up from South Florida. One of the inspectors hung a sign reading "Fort Lonesome". However never a fort. In the 1930's Fort Lonesome became a "boom town" when a steam powered saw mill was built to harvest all the timber. A town sprang up that sported two stores. Snyder's store, run by Gus Haywood, on the southwest corner and another store on the northeast corner run by "Runt" Carter. The sawmill eventually burned down and the Fort Lonesome "boom" came to an end. Carter closed his store but Haywood kept his open. The old Haywood store has since been torn down and replaced by a convienence store. An electric substation is near the spot of the old saw mill. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

In 1928 the grocery was a small retangular frame structure about 10 feet by 30 feet. It was commonly known as "Buggerman's Corner". In 1934 Gus Haywood added the living quarters and the gas pumps. This structure has been replaced by a more modern store. It was the only structure in town. Mike Woodfin

Fort Lonesome as it looks today (July 2006)
Courtesy Jim Pike