NAME: Garfield
COUNTY: Volusia
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer
COMMENTS: This former community can be found in the Deltona Lakes subdivision of Deltona near Saxon Court and Panama Court. Right now a controversy is brewing because the abandoned cemetery was accidentally platted for single family homes and was sold. Now, since the cemetery has been discovered the land owner cannot build on the lots.
REMAINS: An abandoned cemetery is all that remains.
After begin freed by the Civil War a group of former slaves, from Florida plantations, founded the community about 1881. The community was named Garfield supposedly in honor of President James A. Garfield. This remained a black community northeast of the predominately white community of Enterprise. Enterprise, founded in 1841, was the southern terminus of riverboat commerce on the St. Johns River System at Lake Monroe. Garfield was not a close town of buildings but a group of homesteads with a post office, two general stores, train depot, cemetery, and a church. When the freezes of the late 1800's hit, the town's citrus crop was wiped out and the Great Depression dealt the final blow. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin