NAME: Gary
COUNTY: Hillsborough
COMMENTS: Many residents and industrial parks. Between E 21st Ave. on the North, 20th Street on the West and 38th Street on the East. Now the area is quite industrial and one has to be deligent in searching for remains that date back to the time.
REMAINS: Gary Public School, Cigar Factory

Near Tampa existed the incorporated town of Gary. Gary was predominantly a celery farming community on the outskirts of Ybor City, which had its post office established in 1898. The official plat of "Gary-Town" was recorded in May 1903. Gary included communities of Gary-Town and Spanish Park. Including a mix of white and Spanish, the neighborhood boasted cigar factories, a citrus packing house, dairies, a blacksmith shop, churches, boarding houses and several stores.The City of Gary was incorporated in October 1915. In 1919 the State dissolved the City of Gary. In 1923 Gary became a part of Tampa. When Interstate 4 was built the highway cut through the heart of Gary and many of the original buildings, homes, and establishments were torn down. The most obvious relic from Gary is the old Gary Public School, built in 1912, which is now in a state of �demolition by neglect�. Also, the Seaboard Air Line Railroad had a wye (a special track construction used to turn trains backwards in order to back into an area) in Gary which was used to turn passenger trains around before entering the Tampa Union Station. The wye has been dismantled since 1984.

UPDATE:  The Gary Public School has
been demolished.

Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

Front facade of theGary Public School 1912
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Gary Public School
Coutesy Mike Woodfin

Notice that the roof has fallen in and the "Demolition by Neglect" is well under way.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Old Cigar Factory that is now a church
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Looks to be an old boarding house across the street from the old cigar factory.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Gary Neighborhood Sign
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Historical Marker placed in 2007
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

UPDATE: The Gary Public School has been torn down
Courtesy Mike Woodfin