NAME: Gladecrest
COUNTY: Palm Beach
CLIMATE: hot most of the year, mild to cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall thru Spring
COMMENTS: Town name appeared on the 1921 LL Poates Co. Florida Map. Take 441 West, turn onto 880 at Twentymile Bend, head west to Nine Mile Bend, bear left and stay on 880 (East Canal St). Turn left onto 827 Hillsboro Canal Rd at Six Mile Bend. Gladecrest site is on 827 1.5 miles south of Six Mile Bend. No current residents. Gladecrest is a "true ghost", being now a completely uninhabited part of a vast sugarcane field.
Gladecrest was founded near the end of 1913. By January 1914 the population was 20, and by spring of 1915 it was 72(Peak Population). The Holland and Butterworth Co. enticed people to purchase the land site unseen, with claims that one acre could support an entire family, since four crops could be grown each year. They also claimed there were no frosts, and not even any mosquitos. Settlers soon found out that the sawgrass soil in the area was only good for growing sawgrass, and that most other crops yellowed and died. Some vegetables were produced, but by the fall of 1915 families began leaving. Following a flood in 1920 most of the residents left, and by 1921 the settlement was abandoned. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Gladecrest, field has been burned to cultivate the soil for replanting
Courtesy Jim Pike

Bridge across the Hillsborough Canal at Gladecrest, 1923
Courtesy Jim Pike