NAME: Osceola
COUNTY: Seminole
CLIMATE: hot in summer, moderate to cold in winter
COMMENTS: Scattered rural residents not associated with old town. From SR46 take West Osceola Drive, it will turn into East Osceola Drive. Part-way down it will make a 90 degree left turn. This is the townsite area.
REMAINS: large brick bank vault
In 1916, a few years after the railroad had run their tracks thru the area, the Osceola Cypress Company built a large sawmill and a complete town here. The company and the town were named after the famous Seminole Indian Chief. Osceola covered 350 acres and was a very well designed community, with nice houses, a general store, bank, gas station, post office, school, and office buildings. The town was based around the sawmill which employed over 200 people and generated the town's electricity. In 1939 the Osceola Cypress Co. began moving its operations to Port Everglades. In 1940 the last residents moved out, and the buildings were dismantled and sold for lumber. The large brick bank vault is all that remains, sitting alone out in the woods. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Osceola bank vault
Courtesy Jim Pike

Inside the vault
Courtesy Jim Pike

Osceola townsite
Courtesy Jim Pike

Osceola Cypress Company, along the St Johns River. 
Courtesy of usgennet.org

Osceola church and schoolhouse.  Courtesy of usgennet.org
Courtesy Jim Pike