NAME: Picnic
COUNTY: Hillsborough
CLIMATE: Cool in winter, hot in summer
COMMENTS: Not much. Cross road of Hwy 672 and Hwy 39. Take 301 South to 672 and go east. It dead ends at Picnic.
REMAINS: General Store, School House
Picnic was never a town. The residents figure the name came from the fact that two wooden bridges crossed the hurrah creek there and it was the community place for a picnic in 1900's. The store is separated. The back part of the new store was the original 1920 storehouse. The rest of the store was moved a couple of miles south on 39 about 300 feet of the road and used as a small residence. The school house was moved further south just past the ft. Lonesome junction on the right. The buildings are interesting but you have to go find them. Check out the alafia baptist cemetary. The church is new but the cemetary dates back to the mid 1800's. There is also the original site of an indian village nearby on 39 but it is posted with no visible remains. Submitted by: Mike And Aaron Woodfin

Courtesy Mike And Aaron Woodfin

storage shed from the early 1900 that was used at the Lewis General Store in Picnic. It is still on the original site.
Courtesy Mike And Aaron Woodfin

Original Lewis General Store
Courtesy Mike And Aaron Woodfin