NAME: Pierce
CLIMATE: Warm most of the year, cold in winter
COMMENTS: From Fort Meade take 630 west to Old Hwy 37, head north. Townsite is approximately at the intersection of Old 37 and Pebbledale Road. Many other phosphate mining communities were in this general area as well.
REMAINS: Evidence of streets, possible building foundations out in the fields
Pierce was formed in 1906 by Harry Pierce, as a company village for employees of the Pierce Phosphate Company (soon to become American Agricultural Chemical). In 1907 a school was opened, with a post office established later that year. Like many other company towns, Pierce was a self contained community having it's own commissary, hotel, and hospital. The end came about in 1955 when American Agricultural sold the town homes to it's employees who then had to relocate the house to an area that was not going to be mined. Many of the residents moved to Rolling Hills, Pinedale, and Oak Terrace, where some original Pierce company houses can still be found. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Pierce, evidence of former town street
Courtesy Jim Pike

Pierce Townsite
Courtesy Jim Pike

Original Pierce company house in Rolling Hills
Courtesy Jim Pike

Pierce townsite 1910s
Courtesy Jim Pike

Pierce phosphate site 1910
Courtesy Jim Pike

Pierce American Agricultural Chemical Company phosphate mine, 1938.  Courtesy of the Florida Archives

Pierce railroad depot.  Courtesy of the Polk County Historical Society