NAME: Rochelle
COUNTY: Alachua
COMMENTS: Small population. Near Gainesville home of the University of Florida. Rochelle can be found off CR 20 on CR 234. The historic area can still be driven through by car on wagon trail roads.
REMAINS: Abandoned Methodist Church, Two Story School House, Cemetary

this town was home of Florida's fourth Governor, Madison Starke Perry. Perry was a large plantation owner whose plantation was southeast of Rochelle. He is buried in the cemetary. Rochelle once had a population of 175, a hotel, two schools, two churches, a gristmill and a cotton gin. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

Rochelle was originally called Perry Junction, for Governor Madison Starke Perry who owned most of the area land. later it was named Gruelle after a railroad surveyor. During the mid-1880s, it had about 175 residents and a hotel, two churches, two schools, plus a cotton and grist mill. By 1888, 24 trains passed through daily. The Railroad bed is now a popular Alachua County biking and roller blade trail. The demise of the town was primarily to the 1895 freezes that decimated most of the Florida citrus crops of the day. Mike Woodfin

Two-Story School House, Where the first all girls school was founded.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Abandoned Home: The Bradley Family home. It was purchased by the Bradley and Colter families in the 1920's and is still owned by the family to this very day. By the way...the Bradleys and the Colters are of African-American herritage.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

The first Masonic Hall of Rochelle and the surrounding areas.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Property of the Spence Family, a branch of the Bradley family.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Time for School
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Inside one of the abandoned homes
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Abandoned Home
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What lies ahead
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