NAME: Romeo
COUNTY: Marion
CLIMATE: Hot in summer,nice all other seasons
COMMENTS: North of Dunnellon,abt 4 miles on hwy 41
REMAINS: There is a store,but not from the period

Romeo was settled as early as 1850's.Post Office was est.Jan.17,1886 Submitted by: Chuck Moseley

Romeo was first divided into tracts about 1880.  It had existed before since about the 1850’s as a farming community.  A post office was established there in 1886 and continued, with one short hiatus for one year, until 1955.  There used to be a store however, it has since burned down.  The Florida State Achieves show a Marion County Prison in the area.  The remains of a charcoal enterprise can still be found on the east side of Hwy 41.  The plant dates from the 1960’s but the furnaces seem to be from much earlier on the side of the railroad track.  They stand like a number of old rustic silos beckoning to the day when they were aflame with black jack oak charcoal.

Courtesy of Mike Woodfin, local residents, Florida State Archives, and information from “Dunnellon Boomtown of the 1890’s” by Lester Dinkins

Backroads by Mike Woodfin

Romeo Florida
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Romeo Town Site
Courtesy Jim Pike

Romeo Baptist Church
Courtesy Jim Pike