NAME: Troy
COUNTY: Lafayette
CLIMATE: Hot in Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime in Fall/Winter/Spring
COMMENTS: Few resident. Approximately 8-9 miles up the Suwanee River from Branford. Also look for the remains of New Troy.
REMAINS: Nothing
The town of Troy, or Old Troy, was the county seat of Lafayette County. A post office was established in 1845. Apparantely the county court house was burned but, it is not proven when. One story has it being burned in in 1865 possibly by Major Campfield and 300 Confederate calvary and 225 infantry since the area was a known home of Union sympathizers and Confederate deserters. The exact location is unknown. Some have the settlement on the banks of Troy Springs where there indeed are plats of subdividing on some surveys. Flooding would have been a problem there however. Some sources state that in the past the remains of log homes were found around Troy Springs however, none remain today. When the town burned it had a log courthouse, five stores, two doctors, a saloon, and post office. Legend has it that the county judge was warned of the burning and removed all the towns important papers. After the fire the towns people relocated to a nearby site and renamed it New Troy. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin