NAME: Yukon
COUNTY: Florida
CLIMATE: Warm most of the year, hot and buggy in summer
COMMENTS: Abandoned and now part of a Jacksonville City Park.
REMAINS: Road grid and some businesses

Yukon is a ghost town located in the city limits of Jacksonville, FL. The town of Yukon was founded in the 1880s on the banks of the Ortega River in Duval County. The town at its peak had a population of about 1,000 and was located directly across US 17 from NAS Jacksonville. In 1963 the town of Yukon was deemed a risk to the flight pattern of NAS Jacksonville and subsequently the residents were kicked under eminent domain. Sometime after the abandoned homes were demolished to clear the flight path for NAS Jacksonville.
The remains of Yukon are actually quite extensive. In 1968 Duval County and the city of Jacksonville consolidated and in turn the new Consolidated City surrounded the ruins of Yukon. In 1979 the US Navy began to lease the land that was Yukon as a city park that eventually became to be known as Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park. Despite the demolition by the Navy the road grid in Yukon remains mostly completely intact including the 1917 brick road constructed for Army Camp Johnston which eventually evolved into NAS Jacksonville by 1940. Most of the downtown business section of Yukon is intact along 120th street with all sorts of weird 1940s buildings still in use to this day.
Yukon is surrounded by many urban myths, namely reasons surrounding its demolition. According to myth sometime between 1963 to 1980 the US Navy would stop people from entering what was left of Yukon because they were conducting experiments. Rumors as to what the experiments were include genetic experiments and the creation of zombies. Supposedly a Navy plane and a NASA satellite also crashed into Yukon at one point or another but were never officially found.

Submitted by: Tom Fearer