NAME: Apalachee
COUNTY: Morgan
CLIMATE: good all year
BEST TIME TO VISIT: accesible all year
COMMENTS: Located north of Madison off US 441.There are two churches in the area.
REMAINS: old store or two

Was named for the Apalachee River that flows nearby. Used to have a depot and Post Office. Post Office was closed in 1950s. It is now a rural area north of Madison, Georgia. Submitted by: Richard T. Turk, Sr

Additional info: Apalachee was incorporated in 1907. It had a large school building in the early 1900s and this building is still in existence. There have been two railroads through this area. The first railroad was built about 1888. The second one was built by John Bostwick in 1907---to carry cotton and other products to the Georgia railroad from Bostwick to Apalachee. submitted by: Richard T Turk, Sr.

Apalachee Downtown
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Apalachee Downtown
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Apalachee Baptist Church established in 1857
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Apalachee United Methodist Church established in 1923
Courrtesy Mike Woodfin

Apalachee School - 1911
Courtesy Mike Woodfin