NAME: Campbellton
COUNTY: Fulton
COMMENTS: 2 state highways bypass the old town, along the highways are a few typical rurul establishments - gas station, a few residences. Off the highway is a small grid of streets which is the heart of the town. I would recomend entering town along cochran rd. - though this isn't that far out of atlanta it is a winding 1 lane dirt road that follows the chattahoochee river over 2 old bridges. Some sites: http://members.Tripod.
Com/~cowetags/index-5.Html http://www.Davidmarsh.Com/campbell.Html
REMAINS: 2 churches, 3 cemetaries, a masonic lodge, & a 2 story house that is falling apart.

Campbellton was founded as the county seat of Campbell County around 1830. Campbellton had a couple 1000 people living until Fairburn grew after the opening of the railroad. A Civil War battle was fought nearby (soldiers buried at a Methodist Church). By the 1870's the county seat moved to Fairburn & led to the disintigration of the town. Campbell County went bankrupt in the Depression & was consolidated into Fulton County. The town then sold the old Court House to someone that used the bricks for a garage. The remnants of the town square is a memorial. Submitted by: Joseph B Morrow

     We were near Campbellton, GA and decided to check it out. First and foremost your directions were not very clear, you need to turn on Church Rd. off HWY 92 to find Cochran Rd. We were a bit disappointed and I really would not classify this as a “ghost town”. We saw the monument and the cemeteries, but right across from it is an alive and well church and to other side there is someone living in an older residence not mention all behind it and down Cochran Rd. are newer huge new homes. We did discover a mystery you might check out. In between the first and second bridge on Cochran Rd. as you round the bend after the first bridge we found ourselves in what seemed like a bad movie. There seems to be a development started, I am guessing before the market fell but there is a huge clubhouse w/ pool and playground all overgrown and trash and garbage everywhere. Across the street is the development w/ all the streets and streetlights but no houses. We drove up in the development to discover more of a dump and a surprise, to the far back are actually a few houses. It was quite strange like something out of twilight zone. We drove over the second bridge and it seems the county is using that area as a staging area for the road department. I just thought I would update you and maybe save a trip for someone else. Thanks.

Andrew Robinson

Stone placed at the site of the original Baptist Church. Various old graves are surrounding the site
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

This is the monument placed in 1937 at the site of the courthouse. It commemmorates the meeting place of several confederate soldier reunions, the first reunion occurring in 1867. It is in the middle of the town square
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

1800's Mason's Lodge
Courtesy Mike Woodfin