NAME: Honuapo
COUNTY: Island of Hawaii
COMMENTS: No residents. Now a State Park called Whittington Park. Take Hwy 11 on the southeast side of the island and it can be found between Pahala and Naalehu.
REMAINS: The Old Wharf, Large foundation of warehouse, various foundations throughout the unimproved roads. The 1890 Hutchinson Sugar Plantation on top of the ridge across from the state park sign.
The Honuapo wharf was a thriving 1883 port town with industrial warehouses, a mill, and a railroad connection. The port was used to transport taro and sugarcane grown in the town area. When the railroad was built the wharf was not used as much. There is a story that during a particular growning season the catapillars would descend the ridge to get to the sugarcane growing at the bottom. So many would get crushed on the tracks that the train would have a tough time getting up the ridge because of the "slime". At the top of the ridge is the 1890 Hutchingson Sugar Plantation ruins. Much of it still there but on private property. When the roads were improved all shipments went by truck and the residents deserted Honuapo. The town and rairoad were devastated by the 1946 tsunami (tidal wave). Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

This is a picture of the Honuapo Warehouse immediately following the April 1st, 1946 tsunami.
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

HonuapoDock - Remains of Landing
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Remains of the Hutchinson Sugar Mill
Courtesy Mike Woodfin

Foundation of Port Warehouse
Courtesy Mike Woodfin