NAME: Dillon
COUNTY: Marshall
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, cold and snowy in winter
COMMENTS: To get to Dillon, take U.S. Hwy 30 east out of Marshalltown. When you see a sign for county road T-31 (which is called Dillon Road), turn down it. It will only go south here. Go down the road about three miles, and you are in Dillon. If the road is closed, take 30 to Le Grand, and turn down state highway 149 right when you get into town. Go out of town about three miles. DO NOT TAKE THE FIRST GRAVEL ROAD ON THE RIGHT. The second gravel road is the one you take. It is directly across from where a county road will take you east to Montour. Turn right down the gravel road and go down that about two miles, and you will end up in Dillon.
REMAINS: A few residents and a railroad track

I have not been able to find anything on the history of Dillon. It is a perfect example of a partial ghost town. I have never seen it posted on a current atlas. I would have to say that Dillon has ten or so residents. A railroad track runs through town, which I suspect may have created or at lesat supported the town. Dillon, in my opinion, is well worth the drive if you don't mind seeing a partially dead town. Submitted by: Lara Cady

Platted by August Wendt on June 15, 1876. Located on the Central Iowa Railroad in Section 27.