NAME: Bellevue and Broadford
COUNTY: Blaine
CLIMATE: Cool winter/snow and summer.
Fall, Spring, Summer.
COMMENTS: Semi-ghost.
REMAINS: A few original remnants.

These two towns are located only about a mile apart from each other. The town of Bellevue is located on highway 93 and about a mile to the west and across Wood River is the old town of Broadford. It was first named Jacobs City in honor of a Frank W. Jacobs and was renamed in 1880. The town had a population of around six hundred in 1884 and its function was to serve the needs of mines in the area, primarily the Minnie Moore and the Queen of the Hills mines, the two richest in the territory.

Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

I am writing to correct the information about Broadford, Idaho.  The entire town site including the 285 acres surrounding
it has belonged to my family for well over 30 years.  We are the only current residents.

Broadford has nothing left as far as structures go.  The entire town was leveled.  What does still exist is a couple of
mill foundations, the winch house and a few old sheds from the 1940-1960's at the mill sites and mines.  The town is
GONE, but the town site has never been vacated.

Also, the information about Broadford and Bellevue merging into one town is ludicrous since Bellevue is still over a mile
away and on the other side of the river.

The site does have an operating sand and gravel business.  The town site is currently not open to the public and there is
no access to the mining remains.  However, we are always happy to accommodate historians, mining enthusiasts etc. with
a preliminary phone call and release of liability waiver. 

Thank you!


Heather M Johnston, President
River Valley Rock N Dirt,
Broadford, ID