NAME: Boulder City
COUNTY: Boundary
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, Hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: most easily accessible during summer and fall
COMMENTS: Be sure to check out the cemetary about 1 mile past Boulder City. Most remains of Boulder City are off the road and require some easy walking.
REMAINS: oue standing building which was the old school house, several foundations, ruins, partially standing houses
In 1910, Mr. J.M. Schnatterly founded Boulder City, Idaho. Schnatterly owned Idaho Gold and Ruby Mine ( a.k.a. Idaho Gold and Radium Mine). Schnatterly was quite the promoter, he claimed to have found a 15 in. wide vein of radium. Which would of been the richest vein in the world. Worth about 3 million dollars at that time. Unfortunately, there is no history that anyone else ever saw this vein of radium and after Schnatterly started his Idaho Gold and Radium Mine with $2 million of capital investment, the radium was never mentioned again. Schnatterly brought investors to Bonners Ferry, Idaho by train and then up the Kootenai River in his private launch to Leonia where they would be taken to the mine site by horse and buggy. Submitted by: Sara Matthews

One of the last walls still standing
Courtesy Chris Williamson

Door to caved in mine
Courtesy Chris Williamson

Front door to a collapsed two level home
Courtesy Chris Williamson

Not much left
Courtesy Chris Williamson

Resting Now
Courtesy Kathy Shireman

Courtesy Kathy Shireman