NAME: Caribou City
COUNTY: Bonneville
CLIMATE: Warm in summer and extremely cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer to mid-fall
COMMENTS: No current residents and very few remaining structures. Old mining equipment abandoned on hillsides around the site.
Caribou City was named after Caribou Jack who discovered gold on Caribou Mountain above the town. Almost immediately a town arose overnight. It was settled in 1897. It was mainly a tent town and later had 1,500 residents, a close competition to the residents of Eagle Rock(Idaho Falls)and Pocatello. There was 1,673,892 dollars worth of gold that was deposited from the mines around Caribou City. In 1900, a post office was built and at the time, Caribou City boasted 32 whorehouses, saloons, and gambling dens. There was about 700 Chinese miners who inhabited Caribou City over the years. In 1930, the last resident, who was at the time 96 years old, was moved to nearby Swan Valley, where he lived with family members. At it's prime, Caribou City was one of the biggest mining camps in the American West. Caribou City and nearby Caribou Mountain can be reached from Henry north of Soda Springs on Highway 30, about 21 miles north of Henry. If not sure, just ask locals and they will gladly point out Caribou City and Mountain. Submitted by: Ralph Nixon